6 Best Reviewed Mini Fridge Kegerators 2020

Kegerators are refrigerators designed to reserve and dispense kegs. They are a mix of a barrel and a refrigerator. They keep the keg in refrigeration and use carbon dioxide to pressurize and dispense it. Kegerators keep the contents fresh for a long period of time. They are suitable for both commercials as well as residential use.

Nowadays, a mini fridge for kegerator is economically beneficial and thus a popular choice among many. They help in dispensing kombucha, draft beer, cold brew coffee and wine with certain modifications. The following is a list of some best reviewed mini fridge for kegerator 2020.

1. EdgeStar Kegerator

Edgestar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler is a value priced kegerator with a beer cooler of ultra low temperature. It can be set up anywhere in a home or a commercial area. This mini fridge for kegerator has high-quality beer components, a Domestic ‘D’ coupler and a carbon dioxide regulator. It also contains a stainless steel draft tower faucet along with a gas and a beer line.


  • It is the coldest among all kegerators.
  • Features air and beer lines approved by NSF.
  • Can be easily converted into a refrigerator.



  • It can only be used for freestanding
  • It does not support oversized kegs.

2. Kegco Keg Dispenser

Kegco K309 is a full service mini fridge for kegerator which can accommodate kegs of any size. It can keep the beer at the right temperature for a long period and includes a digital temperature display for better control. It is easy to clean and has a removable drip tray. It also has rolling casters for movement and a chrome guard rail to rest the mugs and glasses.


  • Kegco K309 Keg Dispenser has the coldest range of temperature as it comes with powerful cooling technology.
  • It ensures superior and long-lasting performance.
  • It also has attractive styling.
  • There are no such cons to this product.

3. Nostalgia Kegerator: Draft Beer Dispenser

With the capacity of 5.1 cubic foot, Nostalgia KRS210 weighs 95.6 pounds. It has a tank which fills carbon dioxide along with a double meter regulator. It also includes a drip tray of stainless steel and a grand wire shelf. The thermostat is adjustable as per requirements.

It has a 13 inches long chrome beer tap along with a spring loaded tap. This makes the process of pulling and dispensing easy. It can hold keg sizes that are ½ barrel, ¼ barrel and ⅙ barrel.


  • KRS2100 has casters which makes it easy to move.
  • The temperature can be adjusted as per requirements.

4. SPT BD Mini Kegerator and Dispenser

SPT BD is a mini fridge for kegerator which contains three carbon dioxide cartridges. These cartridges help in controlling carbon dioxide pressure. It weighs 13.83 pounds and has a capacity of 0.17 cubic feet. It is made of stainless steel and can hold 5-litre kegs.


  • SPT BD has a thermostatic cooling technology.
  • It has a LED temperature display and the temperature can be adjusted.


  • This product needs to be installed in a free-standing position.

5. RCA IGLOO Mini Fridge for Kegerator

RCA Igloo 3.2 is a mini fridge for kegerator with sleek and modern refrigeration technology. Its sleek style helps it in blending with its surroundings. It has a total capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. It also consists of a built-in van dispenser and a reversible door.

The product is quite sustainable as well as attractive. It has many storage options and weighs 45 pounds.


  • RCA Igloo 3.2 is very spacious due to its flush back design.
  • It looks very attractive and modern.
  • It consists of a reversible door and a built-in dispenser.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat and consumes less energy.

6. EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator

EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator can easily fit into places due to its compact size. It consists of a carbon dioxide tank and can hold 1/6th barrel keg. It also has an internal circulation fan. The temperature in this product can be as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit and yet the beer will never freeze. This kegerator also consists of a steel faucet and a circulation fan.


  • Craft Brew Kegerator has a very integrated locking system and strong protection.
  • Interior lighting gives it an attractive appearance.


  •  The product is not compatible with casters.


There was a time when barrels were made of brew and opened with force while a larger portion would spill out. With the invention of a mini fridge for kegerator, large amounts of drinks can be stored and protected. This article contains all the updated information on the best reviewed kegerators and can help the reader in choosing the one best for them.