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8 Of the Coolest Kitchen Gadgets for Foodies

Want to equip your kitchen with the coolest kitchen gadgets? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have shared 8 of the best kitchen gadgets to make your kitchen look cool.

These kitchen gadgets will save you time and money without sacrificing the nutrition and taste of your cooked meals.

Moreover, the gadgets we have shared here won’t take up much space on your counter. They are also affordable so you will not break the bank. You can checkout some coolest kitchen gadgets

So keep reading to explore the coolest kitchen appliances for foodies.

1. Food Processor

Foodies, do you remember the days when you used to chop and slice meals by hand? It’s no longer the case these days. The food processor can do that fast and easy.

Most food processors come with slicing and dicing discs, chopping, and mixing blades. The blades are switchable.

Whether you want to make mayonnaise or whipped cream the food processor is the best kitchen product for that. Also, you can use it to shred block cheese, slice stick pepperoni- remember buying pre-shredded cheese, or pre-sliced pepperoni is costly. So, why not save money by buying a food processor.

A food processor is easy to clean and can make superior meals than the prepackaged foods you can buy at groceries or food stores.

With a food processor, you can save loads of time and the more you use it, the more you continue to discover more ways to save time, even more, when cooking.

2. Blender

Ask foodies and they will tell you a blender is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets you can’t miss in their kitchens. A blender can handle more tasks in your kitchen than you can imagine.

The good thing about blenders is that they are not costly. You can get a low-end blender at $20 or $30 that can make smoothies, blended cocktails, frozen fruits, and juice.

There are also high-end blenders vitamix 5200 that can cost around $180-$500 that come with multiple features. But for an ordinary kitchen, you do not need a high-end blender since a low-end can handle most of the kitchen tasks.

But when purchasing a blender, ensure to choose stainless steel or black designed one. These types of blenders compliment any kitchen décor and are easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe.

3. Digital Measuring Cup

As we promised you that we will share the most pocket-friendly coolest kitchen gadgets, a digital measuring cup can go cost you around $42 on Amazon.

A digital measuring cup combines a measuring cup and a digital scale. It looks like a classic measuring cup but it’s a unique kitchen gadget that comes with incredible digital features that enable smooth cooking and baking.

On the handle, it features a transparent LCD screen that shows at-a-glance measurements.

With a digital measuring cup, you can automatically convert ingredients, for instance, you can convert flour, sugar, water, and milk from ounces to cups.

4. Electric Salt and Pepper Mill

This is a must-have kitchen gadget whether you are an everyday cook or you cook once per week. After all, who does not eat salt and pepper? The good thing about electric salt and pepper mills or grinders is that they come in different shapes and sizes with multiple mechanisms.

While there are manual and electric salt and pepper grinders, the former is the best kitchen gadget to have in your kitchen.

If you’ve ever gone to a fancy restaurant and you were offered freshly ground pepper, then chances are that an electric salt and pepper grinder was used to crash the pepper. Why don’t you buy yours so you can grind your pepper in your kitchen as well?

A good electric salt and pepper grinder can cost you around $42.

Usually, the gadget comes with sensors that are meant to trigger the built-in blades when grinding.

5. Rice Cooker

If you’ve never cooked rice for too long that it burned, raise your hands! Oops, there are not raised hands? Sorry, I am kidding!

But the rice cooker is another coolest kitchen gadget you can cook your rice without worrying about the rice drying out without enough liquid or burning.

We all love rice and some even cook it frequently. The rice cooker is the most energy efficient kitchen appliance to cook your rice perfectly.

Rice cookers are designed with accurate measurements marked plainly to eliminate guesswork.

You just put your rice and liquid inside the vessel according to your preferred level, and then hit the COOK button and wait for the gadget to do the rice cooking for you.

6. Juicer

Some people own juicers in their kitchens but they are not using them effectively; had you know what that wonderful kitchen gadget can do for you, you would have been using it. If you haven’t bought one, do it now!

A juicer can squeeze lemons, lime, and orange to make mouthwatering juice for you and it can also juice vegetables.

Remember the times when juicing was done by hands. You could use muscles to extract juice but with this kitchen gadget, you can save your muscle and still extract juice from a variety of plants you could not juice with other methods.

The juicer will get rid of the seed or pulp from your juice.

With a juicer, you can get freshly-juiced orange and lemon juice that is tasty and packs nutritional value you can’t get from the juice you buy in the grocery store.

You can get a good juicer with a price starting from $12 but ensure to do your research before you buy one. In fact, we would recommend that you buy a masticating juicer rather than the centrifugal type.

7. Airtight Food Storage Containers

You don’t have to throw away your rice or pasta because it has gone bad. Airtight food storage containers can properly store your food to save you time and money.

With airtight food storage, you rest assured to eat fresh food anytime you come back home from work.

8. A Slicer, Grater, and Shredder

The kitchen is the place where slicing, shredding, grating, and dicing take place. You can do all these in one gadget. A slicer, grater or shredder comes with different blades to help you in chopping items.

There you have it- eight of the coolest kitchen gadgets for foodies. These gadgets will save you money, time and muscles.

Kitchen Gadgets for Foodies

How to Replace Kitchen Sink Strainer with Some Easy Steps!

Sinks are the most crucial part of your kitchen space. There is no doubt about this fact. However even if you own a great sink, there might be problems and issues coming your way.

Some parts will get broken, sometimes draining will trouble you then again spots can be a regular issue. No matter what, you need proper solutions.

One common problem with the kitchen sink is leakage. Most of the time, only solution to leak is replacing its strainer. Of course, you need to be sure the source of leaks is actually strainer. For example, sometimes we ignore leakages on a pipe.

However, if the problem is within drain and sink joint, it’s definitely strainer. Let’s know about an easy method on how to replace kitchen sink strainer all by yourself.

Get Everything Out from Your Sink!

You are going to do some replacement. Of course, you need an empty sink for that. Make sure nothing is on its surface nor nearby. That will make it easy to do your swapping without any obstacle. Get rid of anything and step on for the next phase.

Detaching Strainer from The Sink!

To replace your strainer, you need to get rid of the old one first. Start with simply detaching the pipes. These pipes are usually connected to your existing strainer. You would be able to see some slip nuts on the drain fittings. Use a simple channel-pipe plier to easily detach these. Now you can use the tailpiece of your sink and pull out drain’s trap that is visible.

Be really careful while doing this step. It’s usually quite complicating. Particularly for people who have never replaced such parts of a sink.

Sometimes the nut stays corroded with sink’s tailpiece. That moment you can use some penetrating oil. This oil will help you to get rid of such problems.

If you still can’t solve the problem then only one option is left. You need to cut the nut out. Now it should be possible to detach the existing strainer.

Just use gentle force and pull the strainer out. It will gradually come out of the sink’s top. Sometimes prying can help you out. Especially when dealing with old plumber’s putty and breaking seals.

Get the Drain & Strainer Ready!

Use some wet cloth and simply wipe down the area around your sink opening. Make sure there is no dirt nor debris existing. It’s really important to neat it up before installing new strainer.

Sometimes the old strainer leaves build up. However, most of the time, these build up are easily ridable with obvious cleaning steps that you usually follow.

You need to get the basket strainer. Simply separate its different part. Make sure to spread them well so that you can easily reach each part. Use a tool to loosen retainer’s screws.

Spreading Plumber’s Putty!

You need some plumbers putty for this step. Use a uniform width plumbers putty rope. Now simply figure out the area around strainer’s base. It should be below the lip. Simply apply the putty around it. Wrap it well enough and makesure no area is missed.

Now get your new sink strainer. Set it up on the opening of your sink drain. You need to be really cautious while centering it. There should be proper aligning when setting it up. Gently use some force to push the strainer into putty. This will help it adhere to the sink easily.

Locking the Whole Set Up

Now you need to again deal with sink’s underside. Place your flexible washer on it. Now grab the metal washer of your sink. Put it right over the sink strainer’s body. Make sure they stay in place.

Now you need to do some threading on retainer. Make sure to thread them well before tightening the screws. Next, simply use your hand to tighten the nuts. The need to be firm enough to not get loosened.

If you are not sure about the tightening, use a screwdriver or plier. This will help you to ensure a firm lock of screws.

Now, be certain you don’t tighten it too much. It needs some space so that the rubber washer avoids any squeezes. Sometimes that’s what happens with sink strainer when nuts are too locked.

However, if you cannot ignore the situation and washer squeezes out get some putty. Use this extra putty on the sink’s metal washer top. This will solve the problem in no time hopefully.

Fixing Drain Pipes Back!

Now it’s time to reassemble everything that you detached for the replacement. It should not take much time and you’ll be finishing off. It’s actually quite simple and follows an easy rule.

Reinstall everything at the exact opposite order of detaching them. You should make sure you follow the order otherwise wrong attachments are going to occur.

Once you are done, check for leaks. Simply turn on the water. If there is no water spilling from the wrong places, congrats! The replacing was well-off.

One important note! To be really sure about no leakage do a simple test. Block down the drain. Now simply fill the entire sink with water. Now release the stopper.

This time if there are still no leaks then you can be completely confirmed about the replacement. Most of the time, extra pressure of running water through a drain can reveal leaks instantly. Use this simple trick any time to be sure about any existing leakage even after a few days.


Imagine one day when you have to live without your kitchen sink. Isn’t it scary and really uncomfortable? That’s how much importance your kitchen sink holds in regular life.

Daily basis tasks are almost paralyzed in the absence of a soundly functioning kitchen sink. So, when you get a new strainer, be sure to have it from a quality place. You need an essential part to bring your kitchen sink back to life. Don’t treat it poorly with wrong parts and improper replacing methods. Good Luck!

Author Bio:


Hello, This is George. I am an old blogger and my profession is Engineering. I am a Sink & Faucet Expert. Working as an Associate Engineer at SS Industry. Keep on visiting for more Solution. Thanks.

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