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11 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner While You Cook

A clean kitchen as you cook is not only appealing to your eyes but also hygienic. That means you and your family enjoy good health.

That’s why we are sharing eight tips to help you keep your kitchen cleaner while you cook.

Just to mention, pick up the litters that fall on the floor, wipe as you go, have the bin beside you, clean everything before starting, and have the cleaning soap around the working area. Here are 8 professional tips from Cleanzen to keep your kitchen cleaner.

Pick Up the Litters That Falls On the Floor  

Having drops of litter on the floor not only messes your kitchen but your whole house, too. Therefore, make every effort to collect any pieces that accidentally fall to the floor every few minutes. 

With the dust bin being beside you, it is easy to keep the floor clean.

Wash Dishes Before Starting

Definitely, if you start cooking while there are dirty dishes all over, you will have a shortage of a working space. Plus, at the end of your cooking time, you will be having lots of dirty utensils. Worst still is taking your meals without cleaning the dirty utensils. 

Hence, start by cleaning utensils.

Have Soap Ready

Soap makes it possible to eliminate stains on the working table. Of course, you are dealing with many ingredients as well as vegetables as you cook. A spice such as celery stains your hands, apron, and working area.

Using soap helps to clean such a stain easily.

Wipe As You Go

Hey, don’t wait until the table is all messed up. Wipe as you go. Wiping, as you go, creates more space and avoids contaminating food with litter.

Also, it makes it easy to keep everything arranged and accessible when needed. Plus, it helps save time when clearing everything once you are done cooking.

Work Next to a Sink

A tap with sufficient water flow helps to wash anything that needs to be cleaned after use. That includes wiping the working table with a clean towel. Plus, you maintain your hands clean, hence prevents the handling of clean utensils with dirty hands.

Pick and Return

As you cook, there are a few ingredients you will use. I recommend you pick them and return immediately after use to avoid having too much on your working table. 

Alternatively, have all of them next to you when you start cooking but return each in its place after usage.

Have the Bin Ready

At least, having the dustbin next to me as I cook and wash utensils helps me avoid having litters on the working table. If, however, you want to throw the litter in the bin after a while, that’s fine. 

But ensure that you do not have much garbage on the table before you wipe and throw it in the dustbin.

Tuck a Dish Cloth on Your Apron

A dishcloth is essential because after cutting the vegetables, you need to wipe the table. This helps to get the waste out of the table, thus keeping it clean and ready for the next task.

A towel, on the other hand, helps to keep your hands clean by wiping them every time you wash them.

Prep your Ingredients Before You Start Cooking

When you start cooking before you start chopping what needs to be chopped or blending your ingredients, you tend to do it in a haste. This can create a huge mess in your kitchen. But, when you do all the prepping before you start cooking, you don’t need to rummage through your kitchen in the last minute. 

Use Parchment Paper

Cleaning your baking and grill pans after cooking is a lot of work. It makes your kitchen look messy. Especially when you leave these pans in the sink while you serve your family. You can curb all these by using a parchment paper. Line your casserole dish or pan with this paper before you use it for baking or grill. With the parchment paper, you don’t need to oil your dish. Your food will not get stuck to the dish or paper. After baking, all you need to do is to remove the paper and dispose it off. You can wipe your pan and put it back. 

Put a Flexible Cutting Mat on your Cutting board

We have all experienced this; some of your chopped ingredients go to the floor or table when you try to move them from the chopping board to a pan or bowl. When you line your board with a flexible cutting mat, you only need to pick the mat, make a slight funnel shape, and direct everything into the bowl or pan. You won’t need to clear chopped food from your table or floor. The good thing is that your board will also remain clean after cutting. 

How to Make Smoothies in a Blender? – 10 Healthy Recipes

When it comes to making smoothies, you will require a quality blender. Smoothies include toughest fruits, ice, frozen items, etc. so make sure you have an effective blender. However, there are plenty of smoothie recipes available that you can make with your blender easily.   

Making a glass of smoothie in a blender is simpler than you think. Below are some smoothies recipes that you can make in your blender.

1. Easy Banana Smoothies 

Bananas are a popular fruit in the world, and people love to eat bananas. The fun fact is - you can use bananas with all your smoothie recipes. Here is a simple banana smoothie recipe that you must try out.


1 large chunked frozen banana

1/4 cup almond milk

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup greek or plain yogurt


Add all the ingredients to the blender, give them a nice blending until it comes in a smooth texture.

If needed you can add more milk.

Drink immediately this simple banana smoothie.

2. Blueberry Kale Smoothies 

This is a powerhouse smoothie that can make you full for longer. Kale and blueberry contain plenty of protein and antioxidants, it’s time to enjoy this amazing smoothie every morning.

Ingredients - 

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup chopped kale

1/2 cup banana

1/2 cup water

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Ice (optional)

Instructions -

Add all these listed items to your blender and blend at a high-speed for a few seconds or until smooth.

Drink immediately to enjoy this smoothie!

3. Almond Strawberry Smoothies 

Almond can give your smoothie a silk creamy texture. To make this smoothie, choose either fresh or frozen strawberries but the taste will be the same.

Ingredients -

2 cups almond milk

1 cup strawberries

1/2 cup orange juice

2 tsp blanched slivered almonds

1 cup plain yogurt (unsweetened)

Instructions -

Put these ingredients to your blender. Whirl them until they come into a nice texture you want.

Serve the smoothie in a glass and drink it!

4. Banana Coffee Smoothies

Are you a coffee lover? If so then take your coffee taste to the next level with this awesome smoothie. It takes less than 10 minutes to make this smoothie in your blender. Okay, let’s prepare this.

Ingredients -

1 cup milk

4 tsp instant coffee

2 tbsp granulated sugar or as per taste

2 large frozen banana

1 cup plain or Greek yogurt

Instructions -

Blend all these items in the blender until it takes a nice form.

Pour the smoothie in a tall glass and drink this to kick start your morning.

5. Frozen Fruit Smoothies 

Frozen fruit smoothies are very popular around the world. This smoothie contains frozen fruits that give an icy feel which is perfect for the summertime.

Ingredients -

1 peeled and sliced large banana

1 cup milk

2 cups frozen berries (choose berry you love)

1/2 cup orange juice (fresh)

1/2 cup yogurt

Honey to taste

Instructions -

Place all these items to your blender, and blend for a few seconds or until it comes in a nice texture.

Serve and drink.

You can store this drink in your refrigerator for 24 hours.

6. Tropical Smoothies

A tropical smoothie requires a few ingredients plus it takes a little time. Here is what you need to prepare this smoothie.

Ingredients -

Frozen banana 1 cup

Frozen strawberries 1 cup

Frozen mango chunks 1 cup

Milk 1/2 cup

Orange juice 1/4 cup

Greek or plain yogurt 1/4 cup

1/2 cup water

Honey to taste

Instructions -

Combine all these ingredients to your blender and run the blender at a high-speed for a few seconds. Or until the smoothie comes in the consistency you want.

Pour the drink in a glass and enjoy this super tasty smoothie.

7. Green Smoothies 

Are you excited to drink green smoothies? Try this recipe that will make you healthier also, lose weight.

Ingredients -

1 cup fresh spinach

1 ripe peeled banana (sliced)

1/2 cup mango

1/2 cup pineapple

1 cup water or milk

Instructions -

Add spinach to the blender and milk or water. Blend it for a few seconds.

Now add other ingredients and blend it at high speed until it comes to a creamy smooth texture.

In a smoothie glass, pour the drink and enjoy!

8. Pineapple Kale Banana Smoothies 

It is a healthy smoothie since it is made from fruits and veggies together. If you don’t like to eat fruits or veggies traditionally, you can make smoothies instead.

Ingredients -

2 cups chopped kale

1 medium sliced banana

1/4 cup chunked pineapple

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup plain yogurt

2 tsp peanut butter

Honey to taste

Instructions -

Place all ingredients in the blender. Blend until the smoothie is smooth or take the consistency you want.

Drink immediately and enjoy

9. Watermelon Smoothies 

Watermelon smoothie is an interesting drink for summertime. Compared to other smoothies, watermelon smoothie is different and this recipe will give you a fresh feel than other smoothies.

Ingredients -

Watermelon chopped 2 cups

One small lime juice

Mint 1 tsp chopped (optional)

Instructions -

Add all the ingredients to the blender. Until it takes the smooth consistency, blend them

Drink immediately.

10. Oatmeal Smoothies

Oatmeal can make satisfying smoothies for you plus this is rich in fiber which is very essential for weight loss. If you are on a weight loss journey, add this smoothie to your diet chart.

Ingredients -

Oatmeal 1/4 cup (roasted)

Almond milk 1/2 cup

Peanut butter 1 tsp

Maple syrup 1/2 tsp

Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp

Ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp

Ripe banana 1 sliced

Ice (optional)

Instructions -

Add the oats to the blender first and pulse it for a few seconds.

Next, add other listed ingredients in the blender and blend them until the smoothie takes a smooth consistency.

Pour the smoothie in a serving glass and drink immediately.

Making a glass of smoothies in a blender is very simple as you can see from the above discussion. Choose a high-speed blender or any personal blender to make smoothies in a matter of time or if you don't have a smoothie blender no problem we have some suggestion for you checkout from here Best blender for smoothies  

A Beginners Guide on Healthy Cooking for Kids

For some people, cooking is a difficult thing to do. However, for some people, cooking can be a good hobby. If you are interested in cooking, while you don't know how to get started, you can learn through the internet. 

However, cooking is not just cooking because you also have to cook food that is not only delicious but also healthy for kids. If you want your child's life to be healthier, then you should be able to make healthy cooking for kids. It all depends on the material you are using. In this post,  we want to share with you how to cook healthy meals for kids.

Use The Right Cookware

If you want to learn cooking because you are a beginner, then you have to prepare everything. it starts from the selection of cooking utensils as well as cookware. Even if you use healthy ingredients, that doesn't mean the meals will be healthy. Your cookware can also influence the quality of your food. If you choose bad cookware, then it can make the meal unhealthy. 

For instance, you should not use Teflon Cookware because it contains PFOA and PTFE that can cause cancer. This is certainly not a healthy cookware product for cooking, especially if you want to serve the meals for your kids. So, what cookware should you choose? You should look for healthy cookware options like ceramic or stainless steel cookware. You may use aluminum cookware for cooking for cheap.

Use Healthy Ingredients

In addition to healthy cookware, you also have to consider the healthy ingredients. A portion of healthy food is made from healthy ingredients. You may choose natural ingredients to avoid hazardous chemicals. Healthy ingredients that you can use include fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, natural herbs, spices, and much more. 

Meanwhile, when you cook, you also don't need to add preservatives to your cooking because preservatives are also harmful to the human body. You may add a little MSG for flavoring, but not too much. Besides, when choosing salt, you should also choose healthier iodized salt.

Cook Simple Healthy Foods

For beginners, there are so many simple foods that you can try to cook which are also good for kids. You can use some ingredients in your kitchen, or you can buy some of the ingredients in the market. What kinds of food can you cook? Well, you can consider these following simple healthy foods for practicing.

Egg Macaroni That Is Practical And Filling

The ingredients you need in this simple menu are 1 pack of macaroni, 3 eggs, 50 grams of corned beef. You can add salt and pepper or other spices according to taste.

How to make it quite easy. First, boil macaroni until tender and set aside. Second, beat the eggs and add salt, pepper, corned beef and stir well. Third, pour the macaroni onto the egg and stir until all the ingredients are mixed. Finally, cook the egg macaroni until it turns brown.

Cheesy Mushroom Scramble Egg For Cheese Lovers

This menu is suitable for lovers of eggs and cheese. For this menu, you need two eggs, onions, mozzarella or cheddar cheese, boiled mushrooms, and butter.

First, heat the butter over the pan until it melts. Second, fry the onions on the butter and add the eggs. Third, immediately scramble the eggs until nothing is stuck. Fourth, add the mushrooms and cook the eggs until cooked. Finally, add the cheese and wait for it to melt over the dishes that are tempting the tongue. Once ready, just enjoy it.

Healthy And Nutritious Cream Soup Menu

Cream soup is often a choice because it is easy to make and can warm the body. The content of various nutrients in the cream soup helps smooth the body's metabolism throughout the day. Unfortunately, cooking cream soup from scratch can take time. Not suitable for those of you who have a myriad of activities in the morning.

Well, you can buy a readily used Cream Soup in the market for those who want a delicious and filling breakfast but don't have much time. Only just 5 minutes, warm cream soup is ready toon the serve on the table. This Cream Soup is also made with quality ingredients directly from nature without preservatives.

Nutritious Vegetable Dish Lettuce Wrap

This delicious lettuce wrap could be your choice if you do not finish your meat last night. The remaining meat or fish will be a tempting breakfast menu. This recipe requires peanut sauce or gochujang (Korean spicy sauce), fish, chicken, or overnight meat dishes, and lettuce.

It is also easy to make this healthy cooking recipe for kids. First, wash the lettuce thoroughly. Second, place your choice of meat dishes on lettuce. Finally, add the peanut sauce or gochujang. It's easy? You can enjoy the sensation of meaty with crisp lettuce which certainly makes the tongue tempted.

Overnight Oatmeals For Those On A Diet

Oatmeal may not be the usual menu for Asian people. But, it is not a bad idea to try it. This cuisine has a delicious taste. Oats become the favorite choice of those who want to diet. This dish only requires oatmeal, non-fat milk, and fruit. You can cook this dish the night before. So just eat it when you want to have breakfast.

You only need a big jar or glass for this dish. How to make it easy. First, mix oatmeal with non-fat milk at the same ratio to the jar. Second, keep it in the refrigerator overnight. When you want to serve, add the fruit according to taste. Just enjoy it.

Finally, those are some tips for making healthy cooking for kids. This can be a good choice for those who want to learn to cook. Making healthy cooking recipes for kids is not that difficult as long as you have the ingredient. Meanwhile, you can watch a video tutorial on the internet. Somehow, you also have to practice it so you can do it without reading the recipe. Now, it is your time to become a professional cook in the world. 

10 Interesting Facts about Alcohol & Workplaces

With the passage of time, alcohol has become more popular around the world. It has even become an element in work environments in the form of celebration and socialising.

Having a drink or two while or after work both have its benefits and drawbacks. However, it is still an important and interesting part of the modern lifestyle. Here are some facts about alcohol in workplaces which you may have not heard of before.

1. Helps to Bond with Co-Workers

There is a lot of interesting information about the culture of drinking. It can be difficult to break the ice with your co-workers at work, which might lead you to become isolated. Interestingly, a way to bond with them is to simply have a drink with them.

Alcohol helps people loosen up and be more spontaneous. This will help keep your anxieties at bay and approach friendships more confidently. A simple beer after work can help you create new relationships, which in turn will help you have better communication with them in your workplace.

2. Boosts Creativity

As mentioned before, alcohol helps you to be more confident and reduces anxiety. In short, people think through things less, and this has its own set of benefits. Alcohol is a great addition to workplaces, where workers’ creativity is important to get the job done.

As drinking alcohol can reduce overthinking and boosts confidence, it leads employees to come up with ideas they may have never considered before. Even if the ideas might be poorly thought out, it can spark conversations that lead to game-changing ideas for your company.

3. Poor Decisions

As previously mentioned, drinking alcohol makes people think less, and though it has its benefits, it has its drawbacks too. As drinking creates poor judgment skills, workers are likely to act on poorly thought-out ideas as well.

A common example of such a scenario is misconduct with coworkers which could affect the company’s reputation. Some examples which might affect businesses directly are poorly thought-out business decisions and spending company funds unwisely while under the influence.

4. It Can Help Stress-Management

A can of beer or a glass of wine can help you let a bit of the stress go. Having a fridge or bar that provides alcoholic beverages is one of the best solutions, almost a necessity, in high-stress environments.

In workplaces where employees are on the verge of a breakdown most of the time, or if they are very nervous before a big meeting or event, a drink or two can help calm them down and regain their confidence.

5. It Can Harm You and Others

If you drink too much, you could cause injuries to yourself and others. Drinking alcohol can affect your coordination which means, you will not be able to drive or walk properly. After having several drinks at work, you could cause accidents that get both you and your co-workers hurt.

A more common example is getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks at work. At this time, you will be more likely to become involved in car accidents and reckless driving. Furthermore, driving under the influence can cause fatal accidents.

6. Impacts Punctuality and Attention

If you are drinking the night before, it is more than likely that you will call in sick the next morning due to a hangover. Even if you do not call in sick, it is possible that you will turn up to work late, and you will also not be in prime working condition.

Moreover, drinking to the point of blacking out will lead to uncontrollable behaviour. Even if this is not the case, drinking can also make you sleepier, and your boss might find you sleeping on your desk.

Additionally, alcohol will prevent you from using your analytical skills to their fullest extent as it can make you more short-sighted.

7. Best Way to Celebrate

Clinking glasses to a company’s newest success is a great way to celebrate achievements. This occasion will help employees feel a sense of achievement, and they will become even more motivated to work harder. Furthermore, it will instill a sense of belonging in them.

8. Encourages Employees to Work Harder

As previously mentioned, providing alcoholic drinks in the workplace can make workers feel a sense of accomplishment. Receiving this perk will also make them feel more valued as workers, and they will further feel like they belong to the team.

This will help them take their responsibilities personally and encourage them to work harder. Moreover, it could also lead to more loyal employees.

9. It Can Influence Employee Recruitment

Many applicants for jobs might be applying because they are drawn to the lenient alcohol policies at work. Furthermore, applicants are also more likely to be more progressive and open. Therefore, offering alcohol at work is not a bad idea because it helps companies attract the right kind of people for the company.

10. It Can Be the Catalyst for Alcoholism

Workplaces that have easy access to alcohol can introduce many people to a lifestyle where alcoholic beverages are consumed regularly. People who are prone to developing addictions can easily become addicted to alcohol and could thus, start off their paths as alcoholics.

On the other hand, if you are a recovering alcoholic in the workforce, it might become even more difficult to cope with the job as you would be exposed to alcohol. In the worst-case scenario, it could either lead to you quitting the job or even relapsing.


Drinking at work has both its advantages and disadvantages. However, a key point to note is that what matters most is how responsibly you drink. Rules could also be implemented to make sure workers are drinking in moderation, such as setting a limit to alcohol consumption or punishing drunken behavior.

It is also important to remember that the workforce will consist of a diverse set of people, so it is wise to not pressure others to drink and to also help advise people to drink in moderation. All in all, including alcohol in the workplace can be the perfect addition for companies that need creative workers in high-stress environments.


How to Make Belgian Waffles?

This is for those working people who rarely get an opportunity tohave a breakfast of their liking. Because in the working days they just have togobble foods to start for their working places in time. But in the holidays theyexpect some special kind of food. What better you could ask for if you’reoffered waffles in breakfast. There are many types of waffles and among them,Belgian waffles are the most beloved food from Belgium. I don’t mean to saythat you have to travel to Belgium to get the taste of this food. You caneasily make this kind of waffles at home using some very common ingredients andsimple appliances as well.

What are the Belgian Waffles?

Belgian Waffles is an authentic mouth-watering kind of dessert preferredby people of all ages. This crispy and golden colored dish is topped withdelicious chocolate or strawberry flavored juice including a scoop of creamyvanilla ice cream. Moreover, you may add some dry fruits for garnishing. Thissweet dish is not only taken in breakfast but it can be relished in partieswith your family and the near and dear ones. Let’s have a try to prepare thissugary dish at your home all by yourself.

The Necessary Ingredients

Here the ingredients that are essential to prepare Belgian wafflesat your home.

  1. 1 package of dry and activeyeast.
  2. 300 grams of flour.
  3. 50 grams of sugar.
  4. 120 ml of melted butter.
  5. 470 ml of lukewarm milk.
  6. 5ml of vanilla.
  7. 0.25 grams of groundnutmeg.
  8. 0.25 grams of cinnamon.
  9. 0.1 grams of salt.
  10.  2 egg whites.
  11.  2 egg yolks.
  12.  120 ml of water.

Now after having all the ingredients, it is time to follow theprocess in steps so that could help you to prepare some perfect Belgian wafflesby your own effort.

Making The Batter

  1. At first, take a large mixing bowl and pour ½ cup of water, 2 tsp of sugar, and 1 pkg of dry yeast into it and mix them properly using a whisk and leave it for 5 minutes in the room temperature.
  2. Now add the flour, rest of the sugar, and the milk into the bowl. The boiled milk should be left for sometimes until it becomes lukewarm and then you can mix it to the batter.
  3. Add rest of the ingredients leaving egg whites behind into the batter. The egg whites are kept in a separate bowl for further use. Using oil instead of butter makes the waffles crispier.
  4. Mix all the ingredients using the whisk properly to make sure there are no lumps or dry spots left and the batter must look smooth. As this is an important part of the whole process, using an electric mixer should be the best idea to blend the ingredients properly.
  5. Cover the bowl with a wrap and keep the mixture in the room temperature for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Now the egg whites are beaten with the whisk properly until they are foamy. Keep on the process until they become stiff and sticky. If you want to get some light and fluffy waffles then you must not ignore this step.
  7. Take a spoon or a rubber spatula and scoop the foamy egg whites to the risen batter when the time limit of 30 minutes is over.
  8. Mix the egg whites evenly with the batter using spatula by turning the batter upside down. This is how the batter is made and now it needs to be baked using a waffle iron to get the best result.

Baking The Batter

  1. Take the waffle iron andbefore start pouring the batter preheat the machine up to medium heat and thenturn off the power. Now fill the waffle iron with the batter up to the edges.Make sure they don’t be overflowed. Close the lid and turn on the power.
  2. Allow the batter to bebaked for 5 minutes. But a minute before you have to check the color of thewaffles, if they are golden brown then you should start removing them.

Topping and Garnishing

If your waffles are baked then you have to go for the final dressingof the dish to add some extra taste and also to look better. In most cases,people love to add homemade buttermilk syrup as the top of the waffles. Apartfrom this, those who love to get some fruity flavor may add berries, slicedbanana including whipped cream, maple syrup or chocolate syrup. If you’relooking for some meaty flavor then you should add baked bacon with the waffles.

Keeping The Waffles Warm

After preparing this mouth-watering dish you need to keep it warm atleast for 30 minutes before serving. To make this possible, you have to placethe waffles after pulling out of the iron into a 200°F oven. You have to lineup the cooked waffles on a baking sheet into the oven to keep the edges of thewaffles crispy.

Keeping Waffles for A Longer Period

Sometimes you have to keep the cooked waffles for a few days. Inthat case, you need to freeze the waffles keeping them into large Ziploc bagafter removing air from inside the bag. When you need to serve them, you haveto place them into an oven and warm them until they become crispy again. I canensure you that you’ll get the taste as good as the fresh ones.

The Final WordsWeekendsare always considered as A merry time for those have to go through a tough timeduring the weekdays. And the days become merrier if you’re served themouth-watering, delicious Belgian waffles in breakfasts. It is always apleasure for us to be appreciated for preparing a good dish. What if you tryyour hand to make this? Who can say you’ll not be the winner ahead of theprofessionals? Good luck!!                                  

Things To Consider When Buying Countertop Burners

For those who don’t know what countertop burners are, these are the perfect option for places with small spaces that do not have enough room for a traditional stovetop, like a shared living space or a studio apartment. A countertop burner is lightweight, compact, and portable, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you like. It also enables you to cook food while your regular cooking appliance is malfunctioning. It comes handy in a pinch, like when your stove breaks down. With these countertop burners on hand, cooking food can be done easily.

Some people buy countertop burners because they need an extra burner or simply want to upgrade their old countertop burner. But before making that purchase, what are the things you need to consider? Should you choose the most expensive one or settle for a unit that comes with many features?

Let’s take a look at the following factors you need to think about when buying countertop burners:

1. Know How Often You’ll Use the Burner

An important factor to bear in mind when buying a new countertop burner is how often you’ll use it. Countertop burners may come in all sizes and shapes, and how frequently you’ll use one will help determine the size you need. You should remember that domestic-use countertop burners aren’t made to be used for a long period of time as it can shorten the unit’s lifespan. If you’re searching for heavy-duty burners, it’s best to consider a commercial countertop burner.

2. Temperature Levels

There are countertop burners in which you can adjust the level of temperature through the unit’s control knob. But there are also some units that you may adjust to preset temperature levels. If you like a countertop burner that will let you have control on the temperature, you should choose cast-iron burners instead of choosing induction burners. Due to how induction technology works, you might find it challenging to control the temperature of an induction burner.

3. Counter Space Available

Another factor you must consider is the available space in your kitchen. Since the burners are designed in different sizes, you must purchase one that will fit perfectly in your place. In addition to that, consider the unit’s  number of burners as it impacts its overall size. For instance, single burners like these countertop burners from Kitchenall occupy a small space compared to double burners. For those with limited space, there are single burners that are made to fit in small kitchens and can be used by those who do not cook at home frequently.

4. Type of Countertop Burner You Require

When it comes to countertop burners, the options are endless. Some of these include induction, ceran, gas, and electric. While the usual choice is an electric burner that doesn’t require installation, considering other options can be a good idea. For several options like gas, installation is required, while some like conduction stoves require magnetic cookware to work. Energy-efficiency is also another vital factor you must not forget. Here are the different types of countertop burners you can consider, as well as their features:

  • Induction Burner – It’s the most efficient available burner these days. It is much safer because it doesn’t produce residual heat.
  • Electric Coil Countertop Burners – These are not the most ideal in terms of energy-efficiency. Such burners don’t cook food well.
  • Gas Countertop Burners – Most professional chefs choose these burners because they generate uniform heat. However, there are some risks with gas burners. These work through making an open flame. It can be dangerous when used improperly. You will also require a gas cylinder or gas connection to use it. Other places have particular regulations when it comes to installing gas appliances. It is important to consult the local authority in your area beforehand.
  • Ceran Burners – These are also a great option with a single drawback: these burners have a smooth and shiny glass surface that looks good, but they’re prone to scratches and aren’t compatible with other cookware.

5. Safety Features

If you are the type of person who believes in safety first, it’s best to look for countertop burners that are designed with safety features. Depending on the unit you prefer, some safety features include auto-shutoff or time controlled shut-off. Such features will ensure one’s safety in your home.


Those are just some of the many factors that you should keep in mind whenever you are buying a countertop burner. Make sure to keep the pros and cons of every burner type in mind before you finalize your decision. Shopping around is always a good idea since not all countertop burners can give you the best results, and some might not be tailored to your needs.